The Total Transformation

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Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

1. When will I receive my refund?

We’ll issue a refund on your original payment method within 3 to 10 business days of receiving your completed survey.

2. How much will my refund be?

You will receive a refund of all product price charges billed to you, plus any applicable taxes. Shipping and processing charges are non-refundable.

3. Where do I mail the survey back to?

Please mail your completed survey to:

  Total Transformation Survey
  Legacy Publishing Company
  511 Wisconsin Dr
  New Richmond, WI 54017-2613

4. How should I return the survey?

The survey should be returned via mail or by traceable carrier, such as UPS, Fedex, or Delivery Confirmation via USPS.

5. Is it okay for me to return the survey by fax or email?

The survey must be returned via mail or traceable carrier.

6. Do I need to keep a copy of the survey for my records?

You are not required to make a copy of the survey. However, we strongly advise that you keep a copy for your records in the event that the survey is lost or not received.

7. What happens if my survey is returned incomplete?

No refunds will be available for incomplete surveys.

8. What if some of the questions on the survey do not apply to me? How do I indicate that?

To be eligible for the refund, all of the questions in the survey must be answered. Please explain why the question is not applicable. Do not leave any answers blank or write “Not Applicable.”

9. How can I get a duplicate copy of the survey?

If you require a copy of a blank survey, please submit an inquiry form at: Unfortunately, we do not make duplicates of completed surveys. We recommend keeping a copy of your completed survey for your records.

10. What if I need more time to complete my survey?

If you require more than the allotted time to complete the survey, please submit an inquiry form at: for individual consideration.